Empowered individuals self-managing their career – you are working with us because you are committed to your own career success.

Career Discovery Session

  • Understanding and defining WHY your career is important to you
  • Defining WHERE you are heading
  • HOW will you get there – action planning for success

Commencing or re-invigorating your career

Your individual coaching program may include the following services:

  • Individual or group coaching
  • Resume overhaul
  • Assistance with job applications
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Interview preparation
  • Assistance with negotiating terms of employment
  • Confidence and overcoming limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving the career you aspire to.

 Career Advancement Program

This is and individual one to one coaching program that ensures success for your next career move including:

  • Leadership Profiling (i4 Neuroleader and DISC)
  • NLP techniques to shift un-resourceful patterns that limit your potential
  • Leadership challenges to implement practical learning in your current workplace.



Outsourcing Career Management for an empowered, engaged and high performing workforce.

Your business has one or a number of the following challenges:

  • Struggling to discover and promote talent internally.
  • Have technical experts in management and leadership positions.
  • Unable to retain key talent
  • Your performance review process is seen as another HR/Management administrative process.
  • Managers don’t have enough time to discuss employee development, or review performance.
  • Your people are your biggest asset, yet you don’t know how to exit the loop of just producing outputs.

We can run your Talent Management Programs to shift your ‘process’ to a significant value proposition.  We offer programs such as:

  • Career nurturing programs for individuals – understanding that each individual within your organisation is different, yet they can be satisfied and work towards achieving a shared vision for the company.
  • Implement creative strategies for retaining a workforce that requires flexibility, provide coaching and support to ensure long term success.

Or we may provide workshop facilitation and coaching to your managers and leaders to develop a proper coaching and development culture within your organisation.